College / University Auditions and MTA Scholarship Interest

The College/University Auditions is an opportunity for you to audition in front of colleges/universities that may be offering scholarship opportunities. This is a great way to meet and greet faculty from these institutions.

The fee for students participating in the auditions and the College Fair is $60.00, which includes MTA Membership fee, MTA Festival fee and audition fee. Auditions are closed to the public. Students attending the MTA festival with their school only have to pay an additional $15.00 to participate in the auditions.

In addition to these auditions, MTA will award one $2000 scholarship to a deserving high-school senior who intends to pursue a degree in theatre (performance, technical, or design) at a Mississippi college or university. The award will be made during the MTA Festival.

The scholarship will be paid in increments--$250 for fall semester and $250 for spring semester–for up to four years.

Scholarship recipients are required to take theatre-related courses and maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) taking a minimum of twelve (12) hours per semester. These courses must be in a theatre-related program at a Mississippi college or university (this does not include extracurricular workshops or summer theatre camps). Should the scholarship recipient at any time fail to meet these requirements, he/she will forfeit the balance of the scholarship.

If you are interested in being considered for the MTA Scholarship, please respond appropriately to the prompts. Scholarship auditions will be in conjunction with the College/University Auditions held Thursday evening.

All applications must be submitted by December 15. Applications may also be returned to you for revision and resubmission if deemed necessary.

By applying for the MTA Scholarship, I understand that I will also have to audition during the MTA Festival. For Design majors I will have to participate in the Individual Events

By participating in the Mississippi Theatre Association’s College/University Auditions I am expressing an interest in recruitment discussions with all participating colleges/universities.


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